DPP opened a modern surveillance centre

The Prague Public Transit Company (hereinafter referred to as DPP) has taken another step towards increasing passenger safety. Today a new Surveillance and Alarm-Receiving Centre (hereinafter referred to as the SARC) was opened at the Prague-Hostivař depot, which moved there from the Kačerov depot.

The premises for the centre were selected in the Hostivař metro depot. The actual implementation work started in April 2018. A complete change of the building layout was required, including the solution of a new system for back-up power-supply and for data connectivity. The Surveillance and Alarm Receiving Centre (a cost of almost CZK 12 million) includes a professional server-room with back-up air-conditioning and a video wall that can be connected to similar centres of the Prague City Hall. This will facilitate management of larger-scale incidents.

From the outset of the design work, emphasis has been placed on the use of state-of-the-art equipment. Working environment for the staff of the centre is therefore equipped with modern appliances and elements. The currently used safety and security technologies integrated into the SARC (CCTV, alarm and emergency systems, video detection systems, etc.) will be accompanied by additional sophisticated security tools. The newly constructed workplace is designed both technologically and organisationally to enable seamless integration and utilisation of new tools.

The entire centre follows the “all-in-one” concept, i.e. all the technologies, switchboards, the UPS, and also toilets, a shower and changing room and kitchen represent a single separate space. This concept is important for the autonomous operation for a limited time without dependence on other sections and equipment of the premises.

“D PP has now available a truly modern surveillance centre to ensure easier collection and assessment of security situations and possible incidents in all DPP premises. In this manner we will greatly improve safety both for passengers and for our employees,” states Daniel Barták, DPP Security Director.

“DPP has now available a surveillance centre in the Hostivař depot, which will enable to professionally oversee the safety and security of the travelling public. DPP’s modern surveillance centre can bear the strictest comparison with international facilities of similar importance. In the future, it will become the basis for the creation of the DPP’s system for the safety and security dispatch centre,” summarises Petr Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor of Prague for the areas of environment, infrastructure, technical equipment and safety and DPP’s Supervisory Board Member.

Photo: DPP