Estonian ITS-provider Ridango joins UITP

UITP is pleased to welcome its new Estonian member Ridango, strengthening the presence of Central and Eastern Europe in the international network promoting and supporting sustainable public transport & mobility in urban areas worldwide.

Ridango is an IT-solutions provider for public transport focusing on Automated Fare Collection (AFC) and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems. Ridango runs ticketing projects on an end-to-end basis, providing both hardware and software solutions. In addition, the company handles installations, education and later operations during the entire contract period.

As a spin-off company from the Estonian Certification Centre - the organization responsible for Estonian ID-card and digital signature certificates - Ridango has been a regional frontrunner in account-based solutions already for a long time. It dates back to 2004 when the cities of Tallinn and Tartu were among the first to launch such a ticketing systems. Ridango is today a team of 50 people with more than 3000 vehicles under its management and more than 1 million travel cards issued. Its ticketing systems service more than 100 million passengers annually.

From the first installation to the present day, Ridango has always focused on the online systems. With more than a decade of experience in the field, the company has added RTPI, mobile applications, contactless payments and fleet management to the range of solutions offered, along with ticketing.

Ridango’s payment, ticketing and RTPI solutions are customer- oriented for an ever-changing market, where travellers demand interoperability, an ease of ticket purchase and up to date information. Ridango’s mission is to create solutions that are smart, simple and efficient, while improving the quality of travelling for the passengers and helping transit operators and agencies keep focus on their core business. Thanks to modularity, all of its services can be deployed in any size of agency or operator with an unlimited number of actual users.

Cloud-based solutions enable maximum functionality with a minimum amount of dedicated equipment. As a result, Ridango’s transit solutions support EMV card transactions, mobile ticketing, QR-ticketing, as well as token-based closed-loop transit card ticketing for different ticket types and tariffs, including best fare calculation. The variety of ticketing media allows choosing the most comfortable purchasing method for any customer and/or geographical region.

Today, Ridango operates successfully over a dozen projects in Sweden and Estonia, where it has a  market share of more than 70%. Currently, the implementation process of some new ambitious projects is also in progress. Elron (Estonian National Railway company), for example is the company’s first ever train ticketing solution.  Greenland Nuuk is another exciting future project for Ridango, as it is geographically the furthest customer from its headquarters.