Alba Iulia

Project: New Bus Terminal

Company: STP S.A. Alba Iulia

City: Alba Iulia, ROMANIA

Timing: 04/2011 - 03/2015

Case study: The project is focused on „park and ride” integrated system in order to influence and gradually downplay the private car traffic. The idea consists in building a green terminal (based mainly on renewable energy) with all the facilities that are necessary for a modern public transport hub: transit services (inter-modal and between the bus-terminal and the train station); check-in points; tourist information; shopping area; rent-a-car; food court; waiting rooms. The terminal will be raised on the location of the old bus station, recently achieved by STP, in order to develop this project. The old bus station is well located, very close to the train station and the main town entrance.The bus-terminal will offer the opportunity to rent a bike and there will even walking routes from bus terminal to tourist areas (ex. blue line), shopping (yellow line), public institutions (red line), etc. There will also be installed panels (and other facilities) to inform citizens about the programme of public institutions, the objectives (with option to buy the cheaper tickets) and many other useful information. In addition there will be a free parking place. This is the place where people can leave their cars and where they can take the bus. This is a new category of clients that the operator can attract. To achieve this, local authorities partnership is secured for  specific measures such as parking restrictions for carriageway; increasing the parking taxes in the central area of the city; or interdiction for entering in the central area of the city of high-pollution cars. This measures will result in less cars on the streets, less CO2 emissions, less noise and more urban comfort. There are a lot of people coming from neighboring cities and villages for working, shopping or administration purpose. STP will offer bus-lines directly to the new bus terminal. The estimated cost is €6m, coming fom bank loans (60%) and own financing (40%). During the first two years, the main financial expenses has been covered by STP budget for the old bus station aquisition, planning, designs, marketing studies and permits.

PTx2 strategy: The project will be an example of a good practice in Romania, which can be followed by another operators an authorities in our country. I will help STP to increase the number of PT users and change the perception of PT in the area. By decreasing the number of car users, it will also help to reduce the CO2 emisions and increase the confort into the city by reducing the urban noise. Objectives:
- Increasing the number of PT users - 25%;
- Building a new bus-terminal with all the facilities that are necessary for a modern transport;
- Reducing the car traffic inside the city;
- Reducing the pollution and noise in the city.