Bucharest Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan approved

On 29 March, Bucharest General Council approved the draft decision on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2016-2030, a strategic document that proposes a coherent development vision in Bucharest-Ilfov region.

The objective of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is to create an efficient, integrated, sustainable and safe transport system that would promote economic, social and territorial development and to ensure an improved life quality. The project provides the introduction of dedicated lanes for public transport over a distance of 25 kilometers. The authorities also plan to acquire 300 tams, 100 trolleybuses and 500 buses, of which 300 electric buses. The tram infrastructure will also be extended by 41 kilometers and some 1 800 stations will be refurbished.

The project also includes the construction of Park & Ride parking at the key entrance points in Bucharest as well as underground parking places across the city. Moreover, the bike infrastructure will be developed. It is an investment plan of € 7 billion. 3.5 billion will be invested in the extension and modernisation of the metro (state-budget & European funds) and the rest in projects developed by local authorities for public surface transport, traffic management and cycling infrastructure.

Photo: Flickr – 270 Fan