Chinese Group in Collaboration with DB won the Red Line Systems Tender

The NTA tenders committee announced (19/02/2018) the Chinese partnership of CRTG and EEB as the winner of the Red Line Systems tender. The CRTG-EEB group will be responsible for the construction of the electrical and communications systems and for the installation of the light rail tracks; the German company Deutsche Bahn will manage the integration of all the systems in the project.

The Chinese have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining electrical and communications systems in metro projects in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, combined with the experience of Deutsche Bahn from the Berlin and Leipzig Metros.

The tender for the new systems was launched six months ago, after NTA decided to cancel a previous tender due to inflated bids. NTA is now preparing for an accelerated process of setting up high-tech systems within the timetable for operating the line in October 2021 as planned.

The Red Line will be the first line on the light rail network in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area. It will run from Petach Tikva to Bat Yam, and is expected to serve around one quarter of a million people residing and working in Gush Dan.