The city of Turda wins the EU Commission’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning award

The Romania city of Turda has won the 6th Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) award on 21 March. The winners of this award and of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK award have been announced by the European Commission at a ceremony in Brussels. Vienna was named the winner of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award 2017 for larger municipalities, with Igoumenitsa revealed as the inaugural winner of the newly added category for smaller municipalities.  

The Turda plan includes projects worth €127 million until 2030. It shows a unitary approach and the completion of all infrastructure elements is in link with mobility, starting from updating the road infrastructure, up to pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, alignments for green spaces and the complementary facilities for traffic, sensors, bus stations, e-ticketing systems, intelligent traffic management, monitoring systems.

The jury had been impressed by the clear planning vision, robust financing strategy and measurable targets put forward by the city. They also noted the replicability of the strategy and its potential to inspire other similarly-sized cities – Turda has a population of around 50,000 inhabitants.

The 2018 edition of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK will take place from 16-22 September and highlights MOBILITYACTIONS under the theme ‘Mix and move!’ exploring the different options presented through multimodality.

“It is the mix between traditional stakeholders and new players that makes the new mobility landscape”, said Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General, keynote speaker of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2018 workshop. “It is this mix that defines the new scope of multimodality, right up to the end of the last mile.”

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