Climate Leadership

For the occasion of the December 2015 Paris Climate Conference, UITP's Central and Eastern Europe unit has launched an initiative called CEEC Climate Leadership Declaration. This regional declaration has been created in the context of UITP's global climate declaration and our COP21 engagement in Paris. The CEEC declaration has been supported by the most renown and biggest urban mobility stakeholders – operators, authorities and manufacturers – from the Central and Eastern Europe region. This non-binding document has been designed to promote the environmental as well as sustainable and low-emission public transport progress and climate leadership in our region and its cities.

Moreover, the regional declaration (together with the global version and its pledges) was presented at the UNFCCC COP21 Climate Summit in Paris, where UITP represented both its members and all actors of urban mobility from all around the world, including Central and Eastern Europe.

Download the final version of the CEEC Climate Declaration COP21