DPP launched a unique online security information system for passengers

On Tuesday the 17th October 2017 the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) launched its pilot operation of a unique online security information system in six selected metro stations. By utilising the Wi-Fi technology the passengers will learn all about the traffic, including information about extraordinary situations, any suspension(s) of traffic and the barrier-free status via a website and by the urgent messages. As an extra bonus, they will also be able to connect to the Internet free-of-charge. Signing on to Wi-Fi is very easy - just two clicks and no necessity for a password. In terms of informing our passengers about current events and other extraordinary situations on public transport, our system is unique worldwide.

This is a pilot project that is currently being tested in six selected metro stations, which is in line with “THE SMART CITY” comprehensive strategy. A 300 Mbit/s Wi-Fi connection is also being offered to passengers; the network is very robust and this enables the connecting-up of several tens of thousands of users, all at the same time. With regard to legislative and safety regulations (e.g. specific building regulations, fire-protection, escape zones, etc.) the implementation of any construction-technical solution in the metro is always a complex issue.  All the infrastructure (wiring, terminal elements, active HW, SW solutions, connectivity, etc.) had to be constructed. The actual preparation and installation of the HW elements only took place during the night-time operating breaks. The pilot project and its evaluation will be the deciding factors in regard to the potential extension of this service.