DPP is preparing the construction of a tram infrastructure

The tram transport in Prague has had a long and rich history. Nowadays, the tram infrastructure consists of an incredible total of 142 km of tracks, on which 24 daily tram lines and 9 night tram lines are available to passengers. Trams in Prague transport about 30% of all passengers thus forming an important complement to the backbone of the City transport, which is the metro with about 50% of all passengers, who every year use the public transport in Prague. Those are annually around 1.2 billion.

DPP as a major urban carrier is preparing to build a new tram line in the length of 1.9 kilometres in the southern part of the city. The project is related to the planned metro D line (the construction of the metro D line is about to begin in 2019). The expected investment costs for the construction of a new tram line amount to 500 million Czech Crowns (€ 18.5 mil.) and currently the possibility of co-financing the project from the European Union funds has been investigated. The actual construction will take about 14 months. The new tram line will fundamentally improve transport services in the southern part of the city, which is developing very dynamically. Passengers, who currently only can use buses, will have a new, faster and more environmentally friendly alternative.

Picture: DPP