EU Investment: Over €800 million to finance transport infrastructure in Poland

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, INEA selected ten new projects to modernise transport infrastructure in Poland. The ten projects will be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme and are expected to develop the Polish rail network and to make the road and maritime transport greener.

Three projects to modernise the railway lines in Poland will receive nearly a total of €478 million.

A feasibility study for the construction of rapid urban rail transport in Krakow has also been selected and will benefit from €1.2 million from the CEF programme. Project comprises of determining the route of the urban railway line, the technical parameters for the rolling stock sections, the tunnels, the ground level tracks, geotechnical studies and also a detailed financial, economic and legal analysis on execution possibilities. Study would subsequently enable the tendering of the pertinent works.

Nearly €0.4 million has been awarded a plan to range 12 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations along the Gdynia-Warsaw motorway and prospectively set up a network of further 90 new stations throughout Poland.

On CEF Transport grants, Poland’s portfolio is composed of 41 projects selected under the 2014-2016, receiving a EUR 4.2 billion European co-financing.

CEF support to the Polish transport sector – key facts and figures

Photo: Flickr - petrOlly