First phase of the construction of metro D in Prague approved

The construction of a new fourth metro line in Prague, which will be marked by “D” letter and blue colour, will begin by the section from Pankrác to the Olbrachtova station. Supervisory board of the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has approved the construction variant, thanks to which it is not necessary to wait for purchase of land for the entire route, which will accelerate the metro construction. DPP’s decision is supported by the management of the capital city of Prague, the Prague mayor Adriana Krnáčová welcomes the effort to accelerate the construction of the metro. New metro in the Pankrác – Depo Písnice section should cost approximately CZK 40 billion (app. € 1.4 billion). The construction of the first metres of line D is scheduled for 2019. Metro D could be accomplished approximately by six years from the launch of the construction. If everything went according to plan, it could be in 2025.

DPP was selecting from five possible options of construction, eventually the imaginary “green light” was assigned to the fourth one, which is divided in two phases. Unless there are any complications, it will be possible to start building exploration galleries already next year. The citizens of Prague can look forward to both the telephone and internet signal on the new route. The first section will also test the operation in automatic mode – without drivers, which will speed up the putting line D to operation.

The completion of the metro D construction will also mean a significant improvement of the environment. The amount of pollutants is expected to decrease by almost 60 tons per year. At the same time, the number of cars heading to the centre will fall by more than 18 million a year.

Photo: DPP