I Bike Budapest 2017: 10,000 cyclists filled the streets again on Earth Day

On 22 April, a cycling event called I Bike Budapest 2017 attracted around 10,000 cyclists. The goal is this event was to highlight the significant number of cyclist who bike to work, to go to school or other places in the Hungarian capital. This popular mass-cycling event began in Budapest in 2004.

The event was followed by another one called Bike Record Week which aims to set now records for the automated cycling counters implemented in the framework of the FLOW project. Since December 2016, four new loop detectors and two mobile pneumatic counters have been collecting cycling traffic data in Budapest to support transport modelling work related to bike infrastructure and public bike sharing investments in the city.

Cycling is getting more and more popular in Budapest, as it is an element of sustainable development. In Budapest, there are approximately 190 kilometers bicycle road overall. 45 kilometers bike road is located on the less frequently used main roads, 10 kilometers of bike lanes on the main roads, 65 kilometers of separated bike roads, 50 kilometers shared and separated bike roads with pedestrians, and 25 kilometers of shared, but not separated bicycle roads with pedestrians.

Picture: I Bike Budapest 2017