Join Performance Monitoring workshop in Brussels!

JASPERS (European Investment Bank), with support of UITP, will organise a Workshop on Performance Monitoring in Public Transport on March 14.

The objective of this Workshop is to support competent authorities in setting appropriate quality objectives on the PSO contract and in monitoring the achievement of those objectives.

In the light of substantial experience witht the definition of appropriate and achievable indicators, detailed knowledge and practical experience of applicable non-technical monitoring methods and the availability of affordable and almost ubiquitarily applicable monitoring technology the workshop aims at providing answers to the following key questions:

   - Which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are most relevant?
   - How to define/agree and the KPI's?
   - How to measure and report on agreed KPI's?
   - Which tools and technologies are available to assist us?
   - How large part of the contract value should be exposed to malus (could be lost) or bonus (could be gained extra)?
   - How can the results be brought on to the organisation in such a way that it reponds effectively?
   - How may a good quality monitoring scheme impact EU funding requirements for urban transport investments?
   - Which funding possibilities for monitoring technologies exist?
   - Do we need guidance at European level, to be adapted at national/local level?

Please contact if you wish to receive more information or to register.