Launch of Uber Green in Bucharest

Uber has launched its Uber Green service in Romania’s capital Bucharest, using a fleet of 20 electric cars Renault Zoe in partnership with Eldrive. Bucharest becomes the first city in the Central and Eastern Europe area to benefit from this service, which is currently available only in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Lisbon.

The pilot service will have 20 Renault Zoe cars which are provided by Uber's partner Eldrive. “The purpose of the pilot is to democratise access to transport. We want to have partnerships with actors in energy field, authorities to develop the infrastructure in Bucharest. Romania continues to be an important market for us, as it is the second largest in the CEE and fifth in the EU, despite being one of the last countries to see the launch of Uber,” the Uber general manager pointed out.

The company’s aim is to reach 10,000 users by the end of April.

In mid-February, Uber introduced upfront pricing in Romania, meaning that passengers are now shown the exact fare before calling a ride.

Uber is active in four Romanian cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov and Timisoara.