New electric buses for Warsaw

fot. PAP/Paweł Supernak

MZA Warsaw has launched a tender for 10 new electric buses. The winner will be announced on March 18.

Ten new electric, low-floor and 12 meter-long buses will be fully operational by September. The new purchase, which is said to become a milestone for public transport in Warsaw, is a part of a broader fleet renewal strategy with a price tag of around 1 billion Polish zloty (240 million euro). Since 2008, MZA Warsaw has bought 811 low-floor buses and another 47 will be delivered soon. In early 2015, Warsaw will also receive 35 LNG-driven articulated Solbus vehicles.

Ten new electric buses will be the first MZA vehicles driven on alternative energy, with a plan of having at least 200 non-diesel buses by 2025. The envisaged cost of the contract is estimated at around 25-30 million Polish zloty (6-7.2 million euro). All ten buses will be plug-in charged with a battery's capacity of min. 200 kWh (5 hour charge) and the possibility of adding a charging pantograph. MZA Warsaw plans to run two additional tenders in 2015 and 2016, each for another 10 electric buses.

Recently, MZA has been testing sever electric buses produced by Solaris, Chinese BYD and Polish AMZ Kutno, all of which scored high regarding exploitation costs. Steadily more concerned with environmental friendliness, a livable city and customer satisfaction, Warsaw's fleet is currently based on new and low-floor vehicles, yet all running on diesel engines. After 35-year long service, the last Ikarus 260 and 280 were withdrew from operation in December 2013.