Project: Safety Mechatronics Research Centre for public transport

Company: Oradea Transport Local S.A.

City: Oradea, ROMANIA

Timing: 2011-2013

Case study: OTL's Safety Mechatronics Research Centre is a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (83%) and the Romanian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economy (SOP Increase of Economic Competitiveness ) with a total budget of 18 million Lei. The project was implemented over a period of 24 months and its main objective is to develop the research capacity of SC OTL S. A. to increase the level of innovation and quality of services provided to the local light rail transport. The main benefits of implementing the project are:

- Increasing the reliability and performance of public passenger transportation by implementing a predictive maintenance system;
- Vibration and noise reduction in areas crossed by tram;
- Increased safety in the operation of the park;
- Increasing the quality of public transport services;
- Increased efficiency through predictability;
- Prolonging service life of trams;
- Reducing the annual cost of maintenance and improvement by implementing predictive maintenance.

Achievements are embodied in the construction of a new building (shed metal semicircular section on lightweight metal frame), with a built area of nearly 500 square meters, as well as specific research facilities. The complex hosts the Mechatronics Research Center for technical diagnostics of equipment and installations in the structure of urban electric transport. Its Research Laboratory is equipped with 38 computer with specialised R&D software.

Innovation: 1) Improving the productivity, the level of innovation and market competitiveness of OTL S.A. by implementing a predictive maintenance system aimed at increasing research development and modernisation capacity of the company. 2) Reducing operating expenses of OTL S.A. following the implementation of a predictive maintenance system. 3) Further development of the company based on high technology and R&D activities. 4) Creating ten new jobs for people specialising in research in mechatronics. 5) Increasing safety, quality and innovation level of  of urban transport services provided in the city.