Other publications


The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0: Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow (2014) by Arthur D. Little and UITP

In 2010, Arthur D. Little, the Global Management Consultancy, launched its “Future of Urban Mobility” lab, and in 2011 released its first global study highlighting the mobility challenges cities face on a worldwide basis. This report introduced the first Arthur D. Little Urban Mobility index, which assessed the mobility maturity and performance of 66 cities worldwide, and triggered high interest within the mobility industry and in the media on a global scale.

Together with its partner the UITP – the International Association of Public Transport – Arthur D. Little releases the second version of the “Future of Urban Mobility” study, including an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index, with an extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an extended set of criteria. The index finds most cities are still badly equipped to cope with the challenges ahead indicating there is still significant potential for improvement. 


A Tale of Renewed Cities: A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems (2013) by the International Energy Agency

Transport currently accounts for half of global oil consumption and nearly 20% of world energy use, of which approximately 40% is used in urban transport alone. The IEA expects urban transport energy consumption to double by 2050, despite ongoing vehicle technology and fuel-economy improvements. While increased mobility brings many benefits, the staggering rate of this increase creates new challenges. Urgent energy-efficiency policy attention will be needed to mitigate associated negative noise, air pollution, congestion, climate and economic impacts, all of which can cost countries billions of dollars per year. This report highlights lessons learned and examples of good practice from countries with experience implementing a wide range of measures to improve energy efficiency in urban transport systems.


Rethinking Urban Mobility: Sustainable Policies for the Century of the City (2013) by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

As urban populations surge worldwide, cities must work together with national governments to create environmentally and financially sustainable urban transport systems.


White Paper on transport (2011) by the European Commission

This strategic document presents the Commission’s vision for the future of the EU transport system and defines a policy agenda for the next decade. The programme in question is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiative for a resource efficient Europe.