Past events


- CUPT-UITP electromobilty conference, Be Smart, Be Electric: Zero-Emission Transport: Evolution or Revolution?, April 18, Warsaw, POLAND

- IT&I/ITSI Commissions, April 26-27, Tallinn, ESTONIA

- Policy Board and Executive Board meetings, 16-18 May, Warsaw, POLAND

- Trolleybus Committee, May 23-25, Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC

- Jaspers-UITP-European Commission workshop on Bus fleet renewal through deployment of clean and efficient vehicles, June 26-27, Brussels, BELGIUM


- UITP Annual Reception, January 19, Brussels, BELGIUM

- 2nd CEE Members Meeting, May 14, Montreal, CANADA

- UITP Global Public Transport Summit, May 15-17, Montreal, CANADA

- UITP European Seminar (in the framework of Estonia EU Presidency), November 22-23, Tallinn, ESTONIA


- Regional and Suburban Rail Committee & International Rail Conference, November 14-15, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL

- UITP Training: Contracting for Better Public Transport, October 24-26, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

- SmaRT Platform meeting, October 10, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

- Trolleybus Committee, June 8-10, Gdynia, POLAND

- Light Rail Committee, May 19-29, Poznan, POLAND

- 100th Bus Committee, May 11-13, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

- SmaRT Platform meeting, May 9-10, Krakow, POLAND

- Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference, April 18-21, Warsaw POLAND

- UITP training on electromobility and e-buses, April 7-8, Warsaw, POLAND

- UITP-POLIS-ECF side event, Sustainable and Clean Mobility for the New Urban Agenda, United Nations’ Habitat III - Regional Meeting, March 16, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

- Vehicles & Equipment Committee meeting (VEi), March 15-16, Poznan, POLAND

- JASPERS/EIB-UITP Workshop on Performance Monitoring in Public Transport, March 14, Brussels, BELGIUM

- UITP New Year Reception, January 21, Brussels, BELGIUM


- UITP European Conference "Public Service Contracts for rail and road passenger services: where do we stand?", December 3, Brussels, BELGIUM

- UITP workshop: "Good Practices for Tendering of Conventional Rail Services", November 19, Warsaw, POLAND

- 2nd UITP-URBAN Intergroup seminar on Climate Change, October 20, European Parliament, Brussels, BELGIUM

- UITP Transport and Urban Life Commission, September 17-18, Burgas, BULGARIA

- UITP 1st CEEC Assembly (event upon invitation only), June 7, Milan, ITALY

- 61st UITP World Congress and Exhibition, June 8-10, Milan, ITALY

- 'Social conditions in urban public transport companies in Europe' workshop, June 23-24, Sofia, BULGARIA

- UITP-World Bank conference "Smart Public Transport: User-oriented and more comprehensive service planning with new data sources", April 27-28, Warsaw, POLAND

- PMDP-UITP International Conference “Smart and Healthy Municipal Public Transport”, April 21-22, Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC

- UITP Regional and Suburbna Railways Committee, April 20-21, Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC

- UITP seminar: "Public transport in the Baltic States: EU policies – national opportunities – local contexts", March 5, Riga, LATVIA

- UITP International Seminar "Planning Tomorrow’s Smart City: Turning plans into reality", January 22, Brussels, BELGIUM


- UITP EU Committee Parliamentary Diner, December 2, Brussels, BELGIUM

- UITP-KZK GOP Seminar "Organizing, Financing and Contracting Public Transport in Poland and Europe, November 26, Katowice, POLAND

- IGKM-UITP Technical Conference “ITS in Public Transport", October 7-8, Kielce, POLAND

- UITP Transport and Urban Light Commission,  May 22-23, Riga, LATVIA

- 4th Sustainable Mobility and Metropolitan Development Forum, April 8-9, Alba Iulia, ROMANIA (UITP Supported event)

- UITP Light Rail Committee, March 27-28, Oradea, ROMANIA

- UITP workshop on Financing and modernizing light rail in Central and Eastern Europe 2014-2020, March 26, Oradea, ROMANIA :

- UITP Vehicles and Equipment Industry Committee, March 25-26, Budapest, HUNGARY

- UITP-URBAN Intergroup seminar on Energy efficiency and public transport systems, March 4, Brussels, BELGIUM :

- 8th Energy Forum, December 16-18, Sopot, POLAND (UITP supported event)
- 115-year jubilee of trams in Silesia, November 21-22, Zabrze, POLAND (guest appearance)
- 3rd Sustainable Mobility and Metropolitan Development Forum, November 12-14, Oradea, ROMANIA (UITP Supported event)
- 4th International Conference “Towards a Humane City”, October 23-24, Novi Sad, SERBIA (UITP supported event)
- 2nd Public Transport Congress, October 9, Poznan, POLAND (UITP supported event)
- 70 year of trolleybus in Gdynia, September 4-6, Gdynia, POLAND (UITP supported event)
- 11th International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO, September 17-19 Kielce, POLAND (UITP supported event)
- TRANSFORuM EU project stakeholder meeting, June 24-25, Gdansk, POLAND (guest appearance)
- UITP CEEC Session at the 60th UITP World Congress and Exhibition, May 26-30, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
- 5th Public Transport Expo SilesiaKOMUNIKACJA, April 23-24, Sosnowiec, POLAND (UITP supported event)
- 2nd Sustainable Mobility and Metropolitan Development Forum, March 20-21, Sibiu, ROMANIA (UITP supported event)

- UITP seminar “Renewal of Public Transport Bus Fleet, September, Skopje, MACEDONIA
- UITP Local Rail Summit, May, Warsaw, POLAND
- UITP Light Rail Assembly, May, Warsaw, POLAND
- UITP Regional and Suburban Railway Assembly, May, Warsaw, POLAND

- UITP national public transport seminar, April, Szeged, HUNGARY
- UITP national public transport seminar, March, Burgas, BULGARIA

- UITP seminar “How to Strengthen the Role of Public Transport Authorities”, March, Budapest, HUNGARY

- UITP seminar “Public Transport in the Context of Sustainable Mobility”, April, Sibiu, ROMANIA

- UITP national public transport workshop, June, Skopje, MACEDONIA
- UITP international trolleybus workshop, April, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
- UITP 6th Trolleybus Working Group meeting, April, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

- UITP EU workshop, July, Sinaia, ROMANIA

- UITP public transport workshop, March, Hradec Kralove, CZECH REPUBLIC