Photovoltaic panels on new Warsaw buses

Solaris will provide Warsaw with 80 new buses featuring photovoltaic panels.

The main idea behind the roof battery panels is to provide an additional source of energy to power devices such as LED lighting and ticketing machines while reducing the fuel consumption in regular city traffic by up to few percent.

MZA has ordered 80 unites, out of which 60 will be articulated. The buses are expected to be delivered in the second part of 2015. Additionally, the buses will be equipped in alcolock ignition interlock devices, which will detect alcohol in the driver's cabin and prevent from starting the engine once the detection is positive. The purchase is an outcome of the trial period performed on 15 testing buses with photovoltaic panels. All buses will be cruising with EURO 6 engines and feature low-noise tires, economizers with eco-driving graphical displays, CCTV, passengers counting systems and energy-recovery braking mechanics.

Being at the forefront of the climate action and sustainable environmental responsibility in Poland and Europe, MZA is also planning to install photovoltaic panels on some of their building.