Prague has a new sightseeing tram -T3 Coupé

Trams T3 and Prague inherently belong together. The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) in collaboration with the Anna Marešová Designers Studio has created a new concept of a cruise tram that follows up on the tradition of the legendary Tatra T3 vehicles and while putting it in a new context it respects its authentic look. Opening  of the rear of the vehicle and using the original features combined with modern technologies led to Ihe creation of an old-timer that testifies that public transport also can provide true luxury. This tram not only offers a comfortable ride in Prague in a semi-open car, but it also provides a stylish interior experience. The tram was made in the DPP's Tram Repair Shop in Prague Hostivař. The  entire project, i.e. from the design to the complete production of the vehicle, lasted two years. The T3 Coupé Tram is inspired by the legendary Czechoslovak T3 tram cars.

In the T3 Coupé it was possible to use the unique know-how of the Prague Tram Repair Shop. This project demonstrates the skills of the DPP's employees who have  already proven  it in the past in regard to projects for many large European cities. All DPP's projects that are not directly related to the provision of traffic services are subject to a very rigorous assessment in terms of their financial returns. That should definitely not be a problem with this special T3 Coupé.

The T3 Coupé Tram's design comes from the Anna Marešová Designers Studio. Designers were most inspired by the original T3, but they also were Iooking for inspiration in the older types of trams. The interior also oomprises a bar, which is based on the T1 tram, where a similar desk was used for selling tickets. Another significant inspiration is that for the roof windows, which resemble the legendary RTO bus. Designers have not forgotten such details as a ticket validator which will be placed permanently in the tram and passengers will receive an original T3 Coupé ticket during every journey. The tram retains the poetics of the 1960's, expressing the honour to the designer František Kardaus (1908-1986), who is the author, amongst other things, of the original Tatra T3 tram. Uniforms for T3 Coupé were designed by the clothing designer Česlav Jaroš in cooperation with Radan Kukal - a specialist in uniforms on behalf of the DPP.

From mid-November 2018, the Prague T3 Coupé sightseeing tram will serve for the adventurous and commercial rides organised by the Střešovice Depot. Its capacity is 31 passengers.

Photo: DPP