Prague moving closer to driverless metro

By 2022, driverless trains could be running in the Czech capital. Metroprojekt has been awarded a EUR 16 million contract to prepare the design study for the future driverless metro Line D in Prague.

The Metro Line D will begin by intersecting with the A Line of the existing metro system at Náměstí Míru and also intersect with the C Line at Pankrác. In total, the new line will have 10 stations and end at Depo Písnice in the southern part of the city.

The city has applied for a building permit to construct the new metro line, but seven lots of land still need to be acquired along the route, as well as other parcels around the planned stations. Negotiations are currently being carried with land owners.

Other innovations with accompany the driverless trains, aiming to improve the efficiency and safety of the system.  As the new trains will be automated and of the same design, they will be able to stop in the same spot every time. This will allow for glass safety walls to be built, separating passengers from the track. Glass sliding doors will open once the train arrives, that will line up precisely with the train doors. Similar systems are already in place worldwide in modern metro systems.

The cost of the new metro line is estimated at EUR 1.9 billion and will be partially funded by the EU.

The first section of the Line, which will stretch for eight stations between Pankrác and Depo Písnice, is set to be completed by 2022, with the other two extensions being planned for a later date.

The metro system in Prague has benefitted from several upgrades over the time, with the most recent changes being the addition of four stations on the A Line, extending it to Nemocnice Motol.

Photo: Didier ZMI