Prague is working on a new sustainable mobility plan

The City of Prague, together with the Central Bohemian Region, is working on a long-term strategy for transport planning to take the city through to the year 2030. To better meet Prague’s current and future mobility needs, a new Sustainable Mobility Plan (SUMP) will replace the Transport Policy Principles that were approved in 1996.

Nowadays over 150,000 people per day travel to Prague for work and around 25,000 people leave Prague for work. These numbers are constantly increasing which means that the need for mobility has to be addressed. The objective of the Plan is to find solutions to improve mobility and traffic in the city and the sustainability of the transport systems considering Prague’s future population growth.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan will be developed for Prague and its metropolitan regional which embraces Prague’s neighbouring areas in Central Bohemia. An external project manager has been nominated to design the new plan and is collaborating with representatives from IPR Prague, Prague Municipality, Prague Integrated Transport Organiser, Technical Administration of Roads of the city of Prague, Prague Public Transit Company and representatives of Central-Bohemian region with Central Bohemian Integrated Transport Organiser.

The working group started working on the analytical part of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs in the beginning of 2016. This phase of the work has been approved in February 2017.

In March 2017 the second of the project scenario preparation aiming at defining a vision and setting objectives was discussed with stakeholders. New Transport Policy was made during March and May and approved in September 2017. According to this new Policy, a special focus should be dedicated to public transport, especially rail public transport and its connection to other transport modes – pedestrians, bikes and passengers in the entire metropolitan region.

Public transport is also seen as the lesser off in society by most car drivers. To change this unfounded stigma, investments should be made to increase the quality and attractiveness of public transport. So its velocity, comfort and accessibility need to be improved.

The final stage of proposal began in June 2017. The final document should be submitted in September 2018 for approval by the Council and assembly of Prague.

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Picture: Flickr – Max Bashyrov