RUMOBIL: A new project to improve transport in the periphery

Public transport systems is facing problems caused by shrinking populations in peripheral areas on the edges of urban zones. Based on transnational cooperation, RUMOBIL project has been developed to seek solutions to these challenges by supporting cooperation between public officials and their transport entities. The main objective of this project is to improve the planning capacities of the public sector and related entities for regional public passenger transport in Central Europe.

One of the main challenges for Central European regions is to guarantee a high quality of public transport in rural areas which were affected by demographic change. RUMOBIL project will help to respond to this challenge by providing to the project partners a platform to exchange their knowledge, by learning from pilot applications of innovative tools and by revising transport policies based on lessons learned.

Total cost of the project is €2.68 million, among which €2.22 million will be allocated by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project will be developed in three working phases. The First phase will consist of analysing good practices and carrying out a prognosis of future mobility needs in selected peripheral areas within their territories. In the second phase, a limited number of innovative applications will be piloted in demonstration project during a period of 12 to 18 months (until spring 2018). A campaign will also be launched to show the benefits of public transport. The generated learning and assessment results will enable the partnership in the third and final phase to draft transferrable recommendations how Central European regions should optimise public transport in peripheral regions with declining populations.

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