Slovenian Public Transport Company Marprom joins UITP

UITP is pleased to welcome its new Slovenian member Marprom, strengthening the presence of Central and Eastern Europe in the international network promoting and supporting sustainable public transport. Marprom is the company responsible for public transport in Maribor.

The story of public transport in Maribor began way back in 1926 when the municipality at that time bought 3 buses. The first bus company was founded and started with two routes on 26th of December 1926. It managed to successfully navigate in the field of public transport through all the years.

In 2002 the multinational company Conex invest its capital to the company. With the signing of the concession agreement for the city public transport for the next ten years and the renaming the company into Veolia Transport Slovenija, drove the company into a new era.

After the concession agreement expiry in 2011, Javni gospodarski zavod (Public economic institution) Marprom was established and a year later it was renamed in Javno podjetje za mestni potniški promet (Public company for city public transport) Marprom d.o.o. and has since then stringed success after success: received the »Family Friendly Company« certificate, operates in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001, is one of the three holders of the introduction of a single ticket project IJPP (integrated public transport), it has revitalized the Main bus station Maribor, introduced bus announcements in real time and successfully taken over the circular cableway (gondola) on Pohorje. The company has 257 employees.

The company currently operates with 62 vehicles. 48 of those are intended for city transport, 11 vehicles for school transport and 3 vehicles for charter services. On the 31st of December 2016 the average vehicle age was 7 years, and it stands as the youngest, most modern and environmentally friendly fleet in Slovenia. It drives 3,4 million kilometers yearly, thereof 3,01 million kilometers in public transport.

Plan for the year 2017:

  • Additional fleet renewal with 9 vehicles,
  • Public routes reorganization,
  • Increase in route frequency,
  • Establishing a centralized system for fleet monitoring,
  • A raise in services quality.

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