Prague: Successful first year of electrobus operation

The electrobus has completed its first successful year of operation. 

The Prague Public Transit Company (PPTC) has been involved in testing electrobuses for more than five years. In accordance with this project on the 31st August 2016 the SOR/Cegelec EBN 11 electrobus concluded its first year of operation on regular lines. The positive operating results and the need to continue monitoring the important parameters brought about the decision to extend the trial operation period until the end of August 2017.


Demand for public transport on the rise

A total of 57.9 billion public transport journeys were made in 2014 in the EU-28 member states.

The new UITP Statistics Brief on Local Public transport in the EU highlights 2014 as the first year for distinct growth in demand for public transport following the years of stable demand brought upon by the start of the economic crisis in 2008.  

The shares of each of the transport modes have remained relatively stable over the past years. Of the 57.9 billion public transport journeys made in 2014, 55.8% were by bus, 16.1% by metro, 14.5% by tram and 13.6% by suburban rail.


Urban Mobility: priority theme for the EU Urban Agenda

The EU Urban Agenda becomes official as EU ministers endorse the Pact of Amsterdam.  

With cities being increasingly seen as both the source of and solution to today's economic, environmental and social challenges, a greater focus on urban areas, and implicitly urban mobility, was deemed indispensable.  

The much acclaimed Urban Agenda was officially launched at the informal ministerial meeting in Amsterdam on 31 May and sealed through the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam.

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