Connecting Europe Facility: €1.9 billion for key EU transport projects

On 13 October the Commission launched new calls for proposals under the EU funding programme for transport infrastructure “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF).

Under this call, €1.9 billion will be made available to finance key transport projects in Europe, from which €1.1 billion has been earmarked for the 15 EU Member States eligible for the Cohesion Fund, most of them located in Central and Eastern Europe. The remaining €840 million are available to all 28 Member States ('General envelope').


CEF transport funding in Central and Eastern Europe

Earlier this summer, a list of 195 transport projects that will receive €6.7 billion of funding under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) has been unveiled. This investment is expected to unlock additional public and private co-financing for a combined amount of €9.6 billion. The selected projects will contribute to the digitalisation and decarbonisation of transport, in line with the broader political agenda of this Commission.

The main winners of this funding are countries located in Central and Eastern Europe, eligible under the Cohesion Fund. 


2015 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals closed

On February 17, the European Commission and INEA have now closed the second CEF Transport Calls for Proposals.

In total, 427 proposals were submitted. Under the Cohesion call, 140 proposals were submitted under 12 priorities addressing all three Funding Objectives of the CEF Transport programme. Under the General call, 287 proposals were submitted under 9 priorities covering three Funding Objectives.



More than €7.6 billion of investment to finance transport projects under the CEF 2015 call!

Publishes in early November, the 2015 Call for projects has a large focus on projects from Cohesion countries; €6.5 billion are earmarked for countries with Cohesion Fund eligibility. A general envelope of €1.1 billion is available to all 28 Member States – Cohesion countries are however very much encouraged to use the dedicated budget.

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