Israel sets up cyber security center to protect railway system

Israel Railways will build Cyber monitoring Center (CSOC) at a cost of 30 million NIS - Rafael Defense Systems Ltd. won the construction tender.

ISR officials estimate that "Israel Railways is blocking every month about 10 million intrusion attempts into its network, In order to collect vital information, and introduce viruses and malware".

Israel Railways is undergoing development, advancing to next generation, and preparing for the next Cyber era.


Israel Railways: New strategy plan to double rail network by 2040

On 8 June, Israel Railways presented an ambitious strategy to double the size of the national rail network by 2040 with high-speed trains connecting key centres. Under the plan, the network is projected to grow from 1232km to 2572km between 2020 and 2040. The number of stations would increase from 68 to 120, while the number of trainsets would more than triple from 139 to 511.


Eight consortia to compete for operating the Tel Aviv’s light rail project

NTA announced end of January that eight consortia have bought the updated documents for the tender for operating the Red line in Tel Aviv’s light rail project. The tender terms to operate this line were changed to allow local companies to lead consortia bidding. Deadline to submit bids is 23 March 2017. The winning consortium will accompany the construction of the Red Line over four years, which should assist it in operating the line.



After years of planning, slow progress and the cancellation of a PPP project (with Siemens and HTM as part of consortium) in mid 2000s, NTA agency finally launched the kick-start of the 1st line (Red Line of the envisioned 5 line LRT (and 3 BRT) network.

2 out of 8 TBMs have arrived from China in Tel-Aviv harbour. Work has started on TBM shafts and some of the 11 underground stations. Utility relocation is taking places as well as pilling and station box construction. Chinese companies have an important role on project as major partners in civil work and rolling stock suppliers.

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