The last 250th ForCity Alfa tram for DPP from Škoda Transportation has arrived in Prague

On the 5th of February 2019, the representatives of the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) took over the jubilee 250th ForCity Alfa tram with registration number 9450. By this, DPP has completed the long-term contract for delivery of new trams of type 15T and this phase of the tram fleet modernisation has been finalised. First ForCity trams set off on their journeys around Prague eight years ago. The first 15T tram was handed over to the Prague Public Transit Company on the 28th of January 2011.


DPP gave the green light to full electrification of a bus line

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) continues to develop ecological electric bus transport. Based on the assessment of the trial operation, DPP has approved the intention of full electrification of bus line no. 140 on the route Palmovka – Letňany – Čakovice – Miškovice. The electric buses with in-motion charging should be deployed on the entire route of line no. 140 no later than in 2021.


First phase of the construction of metro D in Prague approved

The construction of a new fourth metro line in Prague, which will be marked by “D” letter and blue colour, will begin by the section from Pankrác to the Olbrachtova station. Supervisory board of the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has approved the construction variant, thanks to which it is not necessary to wait for purchase of land for the entire route, which will accelerate the metro construction. DPP’s decision is supported by the management of the capital city of Prague, the Prague mayor Adriana Krnáčová welcomes the effort to accelerate the construction of the metro.


Prague's DPP expands electric buses

As a part of the long-term strategy of the bus transport emissions reduction, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has been testing an electric bus that is charged from the tram power supply network in real operation with passengers for a year and a half. The charging takes place during operational breaks in the Želivského turning loop via a two-pole pantograph collector located on the vehicle roof, from a short section of a trolley built specifically for this purpose.


2017 investments in Prague Public Transport reach €245m

This year the Prague Public Transit Company (PPT Co.) plans to invest a total of CZK 6.6 billion (€245 million) in the public transport system. The investment priorities for 2017 include the preparation of the construction of the new metro D line, the modernisation of the safety technologies in the metro, the delivery of 15T trams from Škoda Transportation, the reconstruction of already existing tram lines, intensive preparation for the new tram lines and for the construction of new barrier-free access to the metro. The Jinonice metro station will also be renovated.



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