Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) have always played an important role within the Association. UITP has been present in the region already from 1893, when the 7th UITP World Congress took place in Budapest. We strongly believe there is no Western and Eastern Europe, but Europeans with different needs. In the early 1990s, after 40 years under the Soviet Block, Central and Eastern European public transport emerged technologically weak, although with extremely high ridership volumes. Now, more than 20 years later, the market share of public transport is still relatively high and stable, while brand new vehicles and rolling stock, new and renewed infrastructure as well as quality-driven services and management are all putting local mobility into a new level.  

Since years now, UITP has been actively participating in this important process of structural and quality change. We are proud of working with a vast number of strong members in the region, supporting each and every organization with state-of-the-art knowledge exchange, advocacy efforts, projects, sectoral events and business opportunities, fitting our service portfolio to their specific needs and expectations.

Modern societies in Central and Eastern Europe are all about new mobility needs, making the modal shift towards more sustainable travel choices more crucial than ever. Public transport is a fundament of economic growth and competitiveness, green and smart cities but also – as a sector – creates jobs and leads to a better social inclusion. To become a mode of choice, delivering lifestyle services, public transport has to effectively respond to passengers’ needs and mobility demand. Public transport in Central and Eastern Europe is doomed to succeed and we all build it together.