Warsaw to heavily invest in urban rail projects

ZTM Warszawa

Warsaw agglomeration will spend €6bn in railway-oriented projects by 2022.

The Letter of Intent in this regard was signed in early November between the City of Warsaw, Polish State Railways PKP S.A. and national rail track maintenance company PKP PLK S.A. The portfolio of planned investments as declared by the partners will include new train stops and stations, integration of rail with urban public transport and higher frequency of travel. All projects, with a total value of €6bn are said to be completed by 2022.

According to the Letter, all rail and public transport investments in the period of 2015-2022 will become integrated and better inter-connected. According to the City of Warsaw, rail transport will remain a backbone of the capital's mobility system and the planned developments will benefit not only better intermodality, but also the passenger himself. Following the end of the modernization period, the city also wants to buy brand new rolling stock and build the urban mobility further around rail transportation, particularly Warsaw Fast City Rail SKM. The document has also proposed actions enabling smoother travel during renovations and upgrading works, including ticketing and passenger information integration.

The major investment of PKP PLK will be the modernization of the whole Warsaw Rail Node, a project good for €500m and aiming at further development of Warsaw agglomeration’s rail network. Also PKP S.A. wants to heavily invest in the Polish capital, building two new stations – Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa Gdanska – and commercialize well-off and centrally-located post-industrial areas currently belonging to the PKP Group. The total price-tag of PKP's investments is estimated at around €1.5bn. The total value of planned investments in urban public transport, rail network and the commercialization and re-development of PKP-owned lands in Warsaw will reach up to €6bn. 

Source: City of Warsaw