Warsaw Metro : five suppliers bids for new metro train

Warsaw Metro has opened bids from five rolling stock manufacturers for its largest-ever order for new rolling stock. According to the tender, 37 six-car metro will be bought, with an option for eight additional trains. 
Only two tenders have offered a price within the operator’s budget of PLN 1.7 billion (€401 million). A consortium of Škoda Transportation and Škoda Vagonka submitted a bid having the lowest price of  PLN 1.60 billion (€379 million). The only other bid within budget came from Stadler Poland, which offered a price of PLN 1.65 billion (€390 million). 
The remaining three offers have been submitted by Alstom Konstal, CAF, and a consortium of Siemens Poland, Siemens Austria and Newag and ranged from PLN 1.79 billion (EUR 424 million) and PLN 2.2 billion (EUR 522 million).
Contract will be evaluated on the basis of the price (50%), energy consumption (24%), maintenance services (22%) and environmental factors (4%).
Warsaw metro currently operates 18 six-car metro-trains, delivered by Alstom, and 35 six-car metro-trains supplied by Siemens and Newag. Fleet also includes 22 six-car metro trains delivered by Metrowagonmash, a Russian manufacturer. 
For the past two year, Warsaw Metro is trying to buy new vehicles to enter into service on the two metro lines of the Polish capital. Warsaw Metro is also planning to work on the extension of metro line 2 and also advanced the hypothesis of building of third metro line. 
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - A. Savin