Bike Sharing system to be launched in Slovakia

In June 2017 a bike sharing system will start in Nitra, Slovakia. Project will be developed by Arriva Group, one of the largest multinational public transport operators, and Nextbike, Europe’s largest bike sharing operator. They formed a strategic partnership to roll-out integrated mobility projects across several European markets and to offer bike sharing systems as a first/last-mile solution that is integrated with local public transport services. Pilot projects will also start in Maastricht.

For the Slovakian market a consortium formed by Arriva Slovakia and Nextbike signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BigMedia, one of the largest outdoor media company, with the objective to establish a national bike sharing network across all major Slovakian cities in the next 3 years. The development of the bike sharing system in Slovakia is in line with Arriva’s ambition to provide smart city mobility solutions across Slovakia.

“As Arriva is on the cutting edge of the mobility market, we play a crucial pioneering role in the introduction of smart city concepts to our clients within Slovakian cities. We will introduce the country’s very first bike sharing solution to the city of Nitra, which is a part of this initiative, and a perfect example of how a partnership of companies from different industries can create added value for our customers” says Laszlo Ivan, Managing Director of Arriva Slovakia.

A similar system has also been launched on 3 April as an integrated mobility initiative, and is part of the new rail concession for the Province of Limburg.

The two companies have expressed a clear shared vision to embrace technology in order to provide seamless connectivity between trains and buses operated by Arriva, and bikes operated by both parties.

„Collaborating with a strong partner such as Arriva offers Nextbike the opportunity to link our innovative services strategically into the wider mobility systems across Europe“, says Ralf Kalupner, Managing Director, Nextbike.

Photo: Flickr - nextbike Deutschland