UITP has been organising training programmes worldwide on various public transport topics since years now. Our flagship product remains the training programme for public transport managers organised every year in three different cities and targeting high potentials in the sector.

Besides this very comprehensive course, other programmes have been added to our portfolio: the training programme on public transport fundamentals for newcomers in the business; the Security Risk Assessment course; Contracting for better public transport and others, also at regional level.

UITP’s training programmes are given by expert managers and leading industry figures to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching. The programmes are an excellent opportunity to discover the latest innovations shaping the industry, broaden your knowledge of a specific topic or even the opportunity to learn from best practices via technical visits. UITP training programmes are also the ideal chance to meet and exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals from all over the world.

UITP has developed a host of training and professional development programmes that reflect the changing demands of the public transport sector as well as specific regional demands. The training programmes cover all areas of the public transport industry, from regulation and operation to IT management and maintenance, covering both broad mobility issues and technical and operational topics. UITP’s trainers are expert managers and leading industry figures. The training portfolio has recently expanded to include more topics, more regions and more languages. We have partnered up with such institutions as the World Bank to offer high-level training to senior managers. Plus, what used to be classroom training is now offered as on-the-job and case study-based training programmes.

The range of programmes UITP training programmess are also the ideal chance to meet and exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals from all over the world.  We offer both open calendar traning, and customisable in-company training programmes. Below is a list of the current training opportunities:

3-day Fundamentals programmes offer a global view of all public transport issues, especially for the junior managers and newcomers:

    Public Transport Fundamentals
    Bus Transport Fundamentals
    Urban Rail Transport Fundamantals
    Taxi Transport Fundamentals
    Fundamentals of Public Transport Organising Authorities
    Fundamentals of Trolleybus Transportation

2-4 day Thematic programmes are based on an organisation’s individual needs :

    Service Quality Management
    Security Management
    Marketing & Communications
    Contracting of Public Transport Services
    Planning & Design & Construction of Mass Transit Systems
    Urban Rail Operation & Maintenance
    Financing and Funding
    PT Regulation and Contracting
    Maintenance  & Asset Management
    HR Management
    Safety Management
    IT Systems
    Public Transport Operations Planning & Execution
    Bus Network Design and Route Planning
    Procurement and Comissionining of Buses
    Training Programme on Electric Busses: Introduction and Operation
    Training Programme on Automated Metros
    Urban Mobility Planning
    Urban Transport Pricing
    Bus Maintenance and Depot Management
    Ticketing and Fare Management
    Integration of urban planning and public transport
    Planning, Design and Building New Bus Depots

Other training programmes

    The acclaimed Public Transport Managers training programme
    The practical 3 – 5 week Public Transport Development Programme
    In cooperation with the World Bank, the Leaders in Urban Transport Planning Programme
    4 -5 days of high-level technical visits in a number of different cities
    Peer reviews carried out by a group of carefully selected members from UITP’s extensive network.

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