Bulgaria: The City of Plovdiv joins the Urban Air Mobility initiative

On 27 June, Mr Stefan Stoyanov, Vice-Mayor of the City of Plovdiv, signed the Urban Air Mobility Manifesto with an innovative goods transportation system for the integration of urban-rural territories. The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative is part of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), which is supported by the European Commission and aims to develop, through horizontal cooperation of diverse mobility actors, concrete urban air mobility solutions (intra-city and inter-city mobility) with real impact by addressing established mobility needs of the specific cities. 

By joining the UAM Initiative, the City of Plovdiv has the objective to offer innovative solutions and approaches towards solving the serious transport challenges for the city and the peri-urban and rural region of Plovdiv. The transport issues mainly result from the constantly increasing workforce and goods transportation needs of the companies in Trakia Economic Zone. By considering the urban planning, current urban fabric situation, and other socio-economic factors, a consortium, with national and international partners, will be developed under the UAM Initiative of the EIP-SCC. The consortium will work on feasibility studies which will be mainly focused on: 

  1. the synergetic use of new mobility services (including air mobility) integrated in public transport with a focus at connecting Plovdiv to other metropolitan areas at regional and national level
  2. the effective use for ambulance services and the use for public safety
  3. cago needs for small rapid deliveries.

First, a focus will be given on introducing innovative goods transportation system in Plovdiv and the regional, including the economic area of the Trakia Economic Zone. In the context of the EIP-SCC Marketplace, efforts will concentrate on raising investment for improving accessibility of Plovdiv and its region as well as addressing its emerging mobility needs, addressing the opportunities offered by INTERREG/TEN-T.

Geneva, Hamburg, Brussels, Ghent and Ingolstadt also joined the UAM Initiative.

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